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The ELITE League for Carriers: How to Promote To Shippers in 15 Minutes or Less

First Things First - Why Use The ELITE League?


Elite League has a set of unique features that draw tens of thousands of shippers searching for carriers each month. This makes it an ideal place to promote your company and locations where you routinely have free capacity.


When shippers look for carriers, they generally look for three things. They look for a carrier that offers the type of services that they need. They look for a carrier that is in the region they need to ship from. Finally, they look for a carrier that they can trust, with a proven track record. The Elite League provides shippers with this key information by allowing shippers to search by service type and region. Finally, Elite League provides shippers with carrier reviews, so they can evaluate a carrier’s track record before hiring them.


If you’re looking for new business, all you need is 15 minutes to build a profile on Elite League. Here’s how:


#1 – Claim Your Business


If your business is relatively new, the first thing you’ll want to do is check if it has already been listed on The ELITE League. Chances are it has.


So go ahead and search for your business name. Once you find it, send an email to to claim your profile.


Don’t go too long without claiming ownership of your business on The ELITE League. Otherwise, it could be subject to others adding inaccurate information, resulting in an unflattering presentation of your business.


If there isn’t already a profile listed for your company, go to and hit the blue “Join” link on the left menu. Then select “Join as Carrier” from the pop-up.


#2– Create a Profile That Will Get Attention From Shippers


Provide as much information as you can. Remember, you need to provide enough information to make shippers want to contact you.


Also consider who your ideal shipper is. Make sure that you include details that will get the attention of the type of shipper you want to do business with.


Industry, Types of Services, & Licenses

First, include any industries that you have experience in and/or would like to work in. Also list the types of loads that you accept. Livestock? Pharmaceuticals? Oversized loads? A shipper is far more likely to contact you if you list the specific service & load type that they need, as opposed to a note that says “we ship all load types”.


Also indicate any additional services that you offer, such as picking & packing, overnight delivery, or temperature control trailers.


Finally, list any special licenses or certificates that you hold. Don’t expect a shipper to contact you to ask if you have a certain certificate – everything should be listed on your profile.


Write About Your Company's Strengths

Get straight to the point. Write one thing that is the unique selling point or value proposition that you do that your competitors cannot or choose not to do. This information could be the tipping point that convinces customers that you’re what they’re looking for. For example,

  • Guaranteed on time delivery

  • Best rates of any ground shipper in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Specializing in transportation of sensitive scientific equipment


Quality Photos

Nothing hurts your ELITE League profile more than a blank logo area or default icon as your profile picture. Populate this with your company’s quality photos. We suggest including all of the following images:

  • Your logo – This will promote brand recognition

  • Photo of your salespeople - People connect emotionally with pictures of people. Also, viewing photos of your salespeople will make shippers familiar with them before a sales meeting even takes place. This will help your salespeople to build trust with your potential shippers more easily.

  • Pictures of your (clean!) trailers – Show shippers how clean and professional your trailers & warehouses are.


Contact Info

Include the contact information for your all-star salesperson for when shippers request information about your company. Also, don’t forget to include an extension – the last thing you want is for a shipper to call you and lose patience at the 10 option automated menu.


#3 Double Check the Details


Don’t forget to spell check. You’d be surprised how many businesses leave a typo in their name, website or miscategorize their listing. Double-check this. It’s the most important piece of your listing!


#4 Keywords


Now that you have an attractive profile, ensure that shippers will be able to find it when they search for carriers. Shippers can search for any services or shipping specialties they need in the site-wide search engine. So be sure to include keywords in your profile to ensure that you appear in the search listings.


#5 - Locations Where You Routinely Have Free Capacity


This is extremely important. The system is set up to search by keyword and by region at the same time, to provide shippers with accurate search results. So if a shipper is searching for someone with door to door services with available capacity in Toronto, Canada, you will only show up if you list both door to door service, AND free capacity in Toronto.


#6 - Customer Testimonials and Positive Reviews


This is one of the most powerful marketing tools in any marketing toolkit today. Not only do today’s freight buyers go online to see what they can find out about the reputation of a trucking company or freight business, they look for reviews, ratings and testimonials, too. These pieces of “social proof” can make the difference for a buyer trying to decide which trucking company they want to work with.


#7 Leverage Reviews


Positive Reviews Can Be Leveraged Outside of The ELITE League

You can grab some of the best quotes and feature them on your website. This reinforces the social proof when visitors take that extra step to check out your website.


Believe it or not, negative reviews present a valuable opportunity for you as well. Whether you agree with the critique or not, negative reviews bring up points of concern about your business that you may have overlooked. Use this constructive criticism to improve your customer experience.


Respond to Reviews

This is an incredibly valuable tool that the ELITE League provides. You, as the business owner, can publicly respond to any review placed on your business profile.


Now, before you start firing away at every bad review that comes your way, stop and consider a more strategic approach.


If you choose to respond to a comment, do it calmly and respectfully. The key here is to show that you care. Thank the reviewer for their feedback, and point out things they may not have been aware of, or explain how you plan to fix or improve whatever it is they were complaining about.


Respond to positive reviews as well! Thank them for coming in and for their kind words. Use this as an opportunity to highlight the hard work you’re putting toward a great customer experience.


The bottom line is, your visibility as the owner within the Reviews section will do a lot to set you apart from your competition.

Make it Happen

Now that you know the steps to posting successfully on Elite League, create your profile.