How Negative Reviews Can Have Positive Effects

Every carriers loves positive reviews from their shippers. But negative reviews are a cause for worry or even panic...or are they? Not necessarily. In fact, negative reviews might even be good for your business. Here's how negative reviews can help your business:

Showcase Your Excellent Customer Service

If you get a negative review, the best thing that you can do is to respond and offer to solve the problem. Responding to a negative review shows that you're willing to listen to your customers. Keeping tabs on social media and review sites shows that you're keeping up with the times and paying attention to your customers even if they're not coming to you directly. Most of all, no carrier is perfect. Showing that you're willing to make amends and do what you can to solve the problem shows readers of your reviews that when you do make a mistake, you're approachable and you'll take responsibility for fixing it.

Any Publicity is Good Publicity

According to a study of New York Times book reviews, when relatively unknown authors received negative reviews, their sales jumped - dramatically. Negative reviews increased sales for unknown authors by 45% on average. You might be the go-to carrier for your local region, but consider new markets or regions where your company name isn't as recognizable. Unless you're a household name like FedEx, any kind of review could help to raise your brand awareness, translating into increased sales.

Negative Reviews Increase Trust in Positive Reviews

Reading page after page of entirely positive reviews can make potential buyers suspicious. With the sheer number of fake reviews being published, buyers might wonder if the reviews are even real. However, seeing the occasional negative review helps to enhance the credibility of the positive ones. In buyers' minds, it increases the likelihood that all of the reviews can be trusted. In fact, a study by the review service Revoo found that 68% of people were more likely to trust reviews when they saw both positive and negative ratings.

Help You to Improve

Sometimes a reviewer will have an isolated bad experience, and all you can do is reach out to make amends. But you may start to see patterns in your reviews. Are shippers consistently complaining that your deliveries are late? That's a good indication that you need to increase your estimates of delivery time. Are shippers complaining that drivers are too inflexible? It might be time to retrain your drivers or change your pickup procedures. Whatever it is, treating your reviews as constructive criticism can help you to eliminate problem areas and enhance your service.
In summary, it's important to strive for happy customers, but negative reviews aren't necessarily the business killer we once thought them to be. They may even help to improve your sales, and your business.