How Do You (And Your Clients) Decide on a Purchase?

Do you know how your clients and prospects decide to work with you? As a carrier, the key to gaining new business is to understand your shippers' decision-making process.
Most people will do some research before making purchasing decision. The amount of research typically reflects the cost of the product, and the cost of making a poor decision. Here are some common purchase decisions to consider.


Choosing a restaurant is a relatively low risk decision. Which makes it amazing to see the huge number of restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp or Tripadvisor. On top of this, there's UrbanSpoon, a review sited dedicated entirely to restaurant reviews. Sites like UrbanSpoon have made finding a restaurant easy, by including search tools to find restaurants by type of food, price range, or location. Has a restaurant review ever changed your mind about visiting a restaurant?


Purchasing a car is one of the highest cost, and highest risk purchases the average person will make. Therefore, it is not surprising that most people put a large amount of research into their decision. Consider how you purchased your last car. Did you get all of your information from the salesperson and the car manufacturer's website? Most likely you went to other sources - you might have bought a subscription to Consumer Reports, or read the reviews at Edmunds. The fact that Consumer Reports is able to sell a subscription to their online review board speaks to the popular demand for independent reviews. Consumer reports offers a consolidation of many consumer reviews, making it far easier for car shoppers to find the information they need.


Hiring an employee or outside contractor can also be a high risk decision, depending on the size of the company and the position. The last time you hired someone for an important position, consider how you vetted them. Did you call their references? Did a reference letter from their previous employer put you at ease? Before you even brought them in for an interview, did you review their LinkedIn profile? If they had recommendations from previous employers or colleagues, did this help you decide whether or not to interview them? Unlike UrbanSpoon or Consumer Reports, there isn't a consolidated, searchable inventory of reviews for candidates that you might want to hire. But if there was, would it have made it easier to find the ideal candidate?

Hiring Carriers

When your clients choose a carrier, the larger the volume, the higher the risk will be to your client. How will they know that they can trust you? They might ask their associates who have worked with you. But if your client does not know anyone who has worked with you before, they very likely will turn his back on you and you lose the hard earned opportunity. Unless you enter into a price war where you are the only one who will lose. 

This is where you can leverage the strength of reviews, like the restaurant and automotive industries have done. Can shippers find your reviews when they search for carriers in a certain region, or specializing in a certain type of freight, the way that restaurant goers or car shoppers can search on UrbanSpoon or Consumer Reports?
These searches are possible at, the review site just for carrier reviews. You may already have a review on the site from one of your customers.

Personally, I would rather compete on quality, rather than price, and reviews help to make this possible.
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