Feedback is a Gift: How to Encourage Shippers to Write Reviews

When deciding which carriers to use, transportation purchasing managers have always used their own past experience with a carrier as a key indicator of quality. When renewing carrier contracts, the most accessible piece of information is how they did in the past. Obviously, this is the most trustworthy information that a manager has access to, but it is also limited to the carriers he has already worked with.

With the prevalence of online information, managers have access to far more information on carriers than they once did. Now that information is so easily accessible, the way that people and companies buy products and services has changed profoundly. Now the key is to not only find more information, but to find trustworthy information. In fact, in a 2013 study, researchers found that buyers "place a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness" of content they read. Furthermore, only 30.4% feel strongly that company sales materials are trustworthy.
This is why customer-created reviews are so important. The question is, how can a carrier accumulate customer reviews in the first place? Here's how.

Ask Happy Customers

The best time to ask for a review is after you've done something to truly impress a customer. Think about times when your services have helped a shipper avoid disaster or when you've gone above and beyond to accommodate a special request. When you catch a shipper repeatedly thanking you or raving about what a fantastic job you did, this is the best time to ask for a review.

Add Gentle Requests to Your Communications

You can add gentle requests for reviews throughout your communications. For example, you can place a request for a review along with a link to the review site in your email signature. You can also add a badge on your homepage linking to the review site. You can also post your requests for reviews in your social media. Remember that people typically need to read or hear a message at least 7 times before they're willing to act on it. So placing your request throughout several types of communications will increase the chances that your shippers will take the time to write a review for you.

Add a Little Incentive

Even when customers are keenly aware that you're asking for reviews, they may still need some added incentive to take the time to write one for you. There are many simple incentives you can offer. You can enter customers into a draw for a prize, offer a discount on their next service, or give a gift such as a Visa gift certificate. Just make sure that you offer the same incentive for any review - positive or negative.

Make It Easy

Getting a customer to sit down and write a review can be the hard part. Once you've convinced customers to sit down and write you a review, don't drive them away by making the process difficult! Streamlining the process will make it more likely for you to get both a review as well as a favorable one. There’s nothing like an overly complicated process that can put a customer in a grumpy mood or make them opt out altogether.

The ELITE League is to help you collect reviews and feedback, so you can better build your reputation. What’s more is the ELITE League makes it easy for your customers to not only find you and your business, but allows them to post their own reviews for your company.

We make it as easy as possible for your customers to leave you a review. With a click of your mouse, you can email them a direct link to your profile, which makes leaving a review quick and simple.
Sometimes, however, the best feedback, or at least the most honest feedback comes from anonymity. The ELITE League allows your clients to post feedback to your site anonymous if they prefer which means you’ll be sure to get the best feedback possible.

Do Great Work

Of course, the above steps won't help you get glowing, positive reviews unless you offer services that customers are happy with. Make sure that you're doing great work for your customers, and the positive reviews will come.

As you can see, customer reviews are very important. Not just for feedback on how to improve your business to do better work, but it establishes credibility for your company. The ELITE League makes it easier to not only receive your customer reviews but to share them with the world. Showcasing your talents and managing your online reputation can make a world of difference when it comes to getting new clients. Check out the ELITE League’s “Get Serious” Plan and see how easy it can be to share your best customer reviews to all your favorite social media platforms, as well as a number of other benefits that will put your company on the path to success!