4 Ways Reviews Can Improve Your SEO

We all know that reviews are helpful when shippers are deciding whether or not to hire you. But did you know that reviews can also help with your SEO efforts? Here's how.

Appear in More Searches

When shippers are researching potential carriers to do business with, it's important for them to do their due diligence. It's common for them to search for a carrier's name or location plus "reviews" in order to investigate their track record. However, if you don't have any reviews, you'll miss out on these searches. Therefore, a good way to ensure you're ranking for these search terms is to make sure you have reviews available.

Increase Backlinks

Increasing backlinks to your website is still an important part of SEO, and it's one of the more difficult aspects of the process. Ensuring that you have reviews on various 3rd party sites will help you to increase legitimate backlinks to your website. But make sure that you don't create large numbers of spammy links on poor quality websites. Google prefers to see links on relevant websites, such as other logistics-focused sites. This is why carrier-focused review sites such as Elite League are a good choice to gain backlinks for SEO.

Keyword Research

Reviews are also a great avenue for keyword research. No one knows which keywords customers are searching for better than your own customers. Monitor your reviews for new keywords that you should be trying to rank for.

Dominate the First Page of Google

What's better than ranking #1 on Google? Ranking #1, on Google, AND #2, #3, #4...
If you have ever had the experience of seeing the first page of Google completely filled by your website, it's a great feeling. However, it can be difficult to get just one website to rank multiple times for one term. However, your company can still fill up the first page of Google with information about your company listed on other websites. Getting reviews on review sites can help to accomplish this.
Now that you've seen how reviews can help your SEO efforts, make sure you're making it easy for your customers to write reviews for you. Create a profile on Elite League here.